What have I been up to?

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What have I been up to? I’m glad you asked! I’ve been working on several things lately.

This was a while back now, but first is the 2012 University of Kansas holiday card. They had a quite specific request for this illustration: A snowman with a bowtie, riding a sled down the hill with the Campanile in the background. And a Jayhawk. It turned out nicely though!



Next is an illustration for a piece in the Mad Scientist Journal (which is pretty much the coolest concept ever for a literary journal). It’s an excellent piece by Antoinette McCormick which you can read by clicking here.



And finally, a quick speed-painting of a General guy:


I made some stuff

First up is my animation from last semester. It’s about sheep.


Next is another animation with aliens and Conan the Barbarian’s view on women.


And a trailer I made for the movie “Conquest of Space.”

I forgot that I have a blog…

I should probably post here occasionally! Here are two current self portraits, and one of me as an old man. Or it might be Charles Darwin, I forget.

I’ll be posting a new self portrait every week. (probably)

Italy project: completed!

I mentioned in my last post that I went to Italy this summer for study abroad. I spent three weeks visiting Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome and taking a documentary drawing class. As part of the class, I was supposed to create a series of three pieces after we returned. I decided that I wanted to paint some of the architecture that we saw, but I also wanted my paintings to in some way show the other people that were involved in the class since they were a big part of the experience. So I made magnets of all the people who studied abroad and then painted scenes for them to be placed in.

These are the character magnets of everyone that studied abroad.

These are the items/extra stuff that could be placed into the scene. I wanted to do way more of these, but I ran out of time.

These are the scenes that I painted in acrylic. I then scanned and printed them and then mounted them on magnetic sheets so the characters and items would stick to them.

So I went to Italy this summer

Here are some sketches.

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